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Get The Most From Your Merchant Account: Accept Payments In Multiple Ways

The number of consumers who use some form of electronic payment to purchase services and goods is overwhelming. Experian conducted a survey that found 87 percent of households in the U.S. have a credit card. With more consumers using plastic instead of cash, there are things a business owner needs to do to get the most from their merchant account and please their customers.

New Avenues for Consideration

A traditional system for accepting credit cards uses a retail point-of-sale system or credit card terminal to perform transactions. A merchant account connects the institution offering credit to consumers and the bank.

The provider contacts the institution to confirm funds availability, process transactions, and transfer funds to the business bank account. The same credit card processing works with millions of mobile phones.

Mobile Payment Processing

You do not have to understand the language of Smartphones or Android to run an application that allows payment processing of debit and credit card transactions. Companies like Nationwide Payment Systems make installing the app for business owners convenient.

Connect to the internet and process the payment regardless of where you are. Nationwide Payment Systems provides a free WordPress plugin. There are no additional transaction fees or payment gateway fees.

They provide payment processing links for social selling. With their merchant services, you can send invoices instantly, and they offer Curbside Delivery and In-Store Pick UP. Nationwide Payment Systems provides around-the-clock customer support with an assigned representative via email, chat, or phone.

Ecommerce Payment Processing

If Ecommerce transactions are not handled properly, it can be disastrous for you and your customers. It is an issue of fraud and security. You need a secure shopping cart that is easy to navigate and use to get the most from a merchant account that processes online transactions.

The cart is a pipeline between a business website and the merchant services account. A shopping cart may have Ecommerce payment processing software similar to the magnetic strips on credit card machines. Fees for online transactions are processed in the same way as traditional transactions. A credible cart has secure placement.

Many businesses are going from brick-and-mortar stores with traditional credit card machines to Ecommerce payment processing software and mobile swiping methods. Payment processing improvements make charging purchases and payments easier and faster for everyone involved.

Tips to Ensure the Best Possible Service

Ask your merchant provider for real-time customer transaction reporting. You can log in to view, analyze, and manage card transactions as they occur. Choose a provider that supports mobile payment processing options. Shop around for the best rates. The provider should do all necessary support services in-house, such as payment technology and Ecommerce payment gateway.

Contact Nationwide Payment Systems. They provide all the above and have the flexibility to provide data in the form you need. Nationwide Payment Systems is available if you have a question about your system or need to speak to customer support outside regular business hours.